Create a Better Environment with LED



Doster Lighting Inc is best known for our un-matched customer service and our quality installations.  When you call us for a project, you can be assured that we will not consider the job complete until it has met all of our quality standards.

  • Yes, we are licensed electricians!
  • We only use metallic sealtight with high quality fittings and a UL listed cord grip
  • To protect your trees, pilot holes are drilled prior to installing stand offs – this prevents splitting and damage to your trees
  • Junction boxes and safety whips are are camouflaged to blend with the landscape
  • Underground electrical is ALWAYS 100% conduit
  • If an LED product doesn’t have a LIGHTING FACTS LABEL, we won’t use it.  There are a lot of LED knock-off’s that won’t stand up to our quality standards
  • We RECYCLE all removed Mercury Vapor lamps and ballasts at URT in Fort Worth per State and Federal laws
  • Workmanship is key – our professional installers leave your home looking like no one has been there.  We leave a clean job with attention to every detail

Each project is owner managed and approved, and then backed up by our 1 year warranty on parts and labor.  Licensed and insured (TECL 24224) and 31 years in business – See below for what we do, and why you should choose Doster Lighting.



Doster Lighting - Recent landscape lighting upgrade from mercury vapor to LED

  • We provide starter and full lighting plan designs.  Lighting is an art, and we pay attention to placement and aiming of each light.  We have been known to drive by projects at night to ensure that every light is set correctly.  If you are not fully satisfied, neither are we…
  • All new installations are done with 100% LED – we have a solution for every situation, with every KELVIN color & Dimming capabilities.
  • We specialize in both High and Low voltage lighting so that you get the best from the trees above and the ground below
  • Do you need to highlight an architectural feature our art?  We do that too..
  • Mercury Vapor to LED Conversions – See our branded LED Retrofit System, DosterLux, where we revamp existing electrical and can re-use most fixtures
  • All DosterLux retrofits come with a 1 year warranty, as if it were a new installation
  • We repair ALL existing outdoor lighting systems, regardless of when it was installed and who installed it
  • Warranty and repair work is treated as a high priority and we will respond within 24 hours of a call (Excluding acts of God)


  • Have you heard all of the buzz around SONOS Wireless HiFi?  We have….We use it in our home and in our office, in fact we have for years.  We love it so much that we are now dealers and provide custom installations for the Dallas/Ft Worth area
  • Easy as 1 2 3 . . . 1 Set up the System     2 Download the free app     3  Listen to All the Music on Earth!
  • You can purchase any of the entire line of SONOS product from us.  You can also combine with your existing equipment.
  • Need a Custom Installation?  We are also a dealer for Denon and SpeakerCraft
  • Wirelessly stream all music from anywhere on Earth, and play music from your iTunes and smart phone throughout your home.
  • Call us for a demo – it’s so easy to set up, all we need is a connection to your wifi.
  • We also schedule “SONOS Parties” – experience and tour the system in a home environment that includes several different options for set up….just bring yourself and download the free SONOS app to your iPhone or Android device