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IMG_7317James Doster was born and raised in Dallas, and is a long time Park Cities resident.  He started Doster Lighting in 1983 with a passion for the artistic aspect of lighting and is best known for high quality installations and forward thinking designs. 

When you invest in a Doster Lighting system, you can be assured that every detail will be managed and approved by the owner, with the final result being an aesthetically pleasing placement of light that will enhance your home’s exterior and add value to your home for years to come. 

The Best Endorsements Come From Our Customers . . .


“James Doster is an outstanding lighting professional who brings the very best in “state of the art” lights to his customers.  He is a principled young man with fine character and integrity.  He is the best!”                     GeraldineTincyMiller~ Tincy Miller (Chair Lady, Henry S. Miller / State Board of Education, District 12), Highland Park, TX

“Always the best service and makes our landscaping look like the Arboretum!!!!”  ~ Marilyn & Wade Smith, Highland Park, TX

“We have been doing business with Doster Lighting for over 20 years. Most recently we upgraded to LED lighting. We are very happy customers. ”   ~ Joan and Gary Kessler, Lakewood/Dallas, TX

“Jim Doster installed my first landscape lighting system more than 20 years ago.  I was very pleased with his work then.  He recently converted my system to LED lights which are much more energy efficient.  I recommend Jim Doster wholeheartedly now.”  ~ Dr. Tom Schulz, Lakewood/Dallas, TX

“Doster Lighting did an excellent job in the design and installation of the landscape lighting on our 35,000 square foot lot.  We have many large, mature trees and they were careful to follow the arborists instructions for installation to best protect the trees.  They are responsive to our calls and professional in their service and work…”                           ~ Dick Blaylock, Bluffview/Dallas, TX

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We have a solution for any situation, with every Kelvin color and Dimming capabilities at a price that is affordable and competitive ~ Plus we add a 3 Year Warranty (Parts & Labor) for all new installations & repairs – Call us Today for a Free Consultation 214-361-2155

We Specialize In . . .

  • New Landscape Lighting Design & Installations
  • Mercury Vapor to LED Tree Lighting Conversions – Our Branded LED Retrofit we call “DosterLux
  • Repair of ALL Existing Outdoor Lighting Systems
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Tree Lighting
  • Pool and Hardscape Lighting
  • Custom Installation for SONOS Wireless HiFi
  • For more about what we do, see our SERVICES page

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With over 36 years in business, we are a trusted expert in taking your existing Mercury Vapor Lighting system, and converting to LED – regardless of when it was installed, and who installed it.
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DosterLux LED Retrofit includes:

  • Recondition existing electrical
  • Re-Use most fixtures where possible, Replace where needed
  • Identify any visible city code violations
  • We RECYCLE ALL Mercury Bulbs and Ballasts per Federal Law
  • 1 Year Warranty, as if it were a new system
  • We only use LED products that carry the LIGHTING FACTS LABEL – See Why…

Why should you upgrade your existing system to LED…Why not?

  • LED is more affordable than you think – Payback varies between 2 – 4 years depending on Health of your existing system, the benefits outweigh the cost!
  • 85% Less Energy use than traditional lighting
  • Longer Lamp Life – up to 50,000 hours or 10+ years – you don’t have to worry about replacing bulbs
  • Durable Quality – Designed for outdoor lighting with resistance to extreme heat, cold, wind and rain
  • Ecologically Friendly – Can reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third
  • Less maintenance and worry free with our 1 Year Warranty

In God We Trust

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